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  • Project Developing Team
    Key Persons
    Project Executive

    Maggie Wang: With economics background and rich working experience from a merchandiser to senior management, Maggie has always been dedicated to provide the customers with thorough services on their orders as well as the business relationships. Focusing on customer service, supply chain management, quality control, Maggie will be the right person you could rely on when you handle your order to Pafic, as she will spare no effort to supervise every step of the order until it’s successfully delivered to the customer.

    Project Manager

    Cherry Xu: Cherry Xu was majored in technical English, and joined Pafic as project manager. Her 10 years experience of project handling covered many fields such as truck, fencing, agricultural machinery and lifting components. With perfect understanding on project application, she could offer full-ranged advice on product design, development and upgrading. Besides, her real experience in customer service and project management could prevent possible problems in packaging, container loading and transportation etc, with which our customers will have more time to focus on their sales and marketing free of worries on any emergency.

    Chief Engineer

    Robert Zhang: Robert joined Pafic since it started business in 1997. With over 15 years real working experience in stamping, machining, and further education on mechanism, he is capable of giving full plan for material selection, production process arrangement, surface treatment and packaging design, based on customer’s requirement on application, mechanical and chemical properties. Furthermore, his plan is always topped by perfect cost control.

         Besides the above key persons, there are more account managers who are specialized in certain field at least 5 years. Our professional advice and management will ensure successful delivery of any projects handed to us.
    Sevices of Pafic
         Our experienced product development team will give you professional advice on product designing, upgrading. With the help of advanced softwares such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, Pro-E etc, we will turn any idea into a visible drawing, which could later be turned to a real product after all details are confirmed.     
    In-house processes:
    -Steel Sharing, bending
    -Stamping, Welding(Manual&Robot), CNC Machining
    -Phosphate, Dip Coating
    -Assembling and Packing
    Out-Source Supply Chain:
    Besides the in-house production, Pafic has a carefully selected and tested supply chain that could cover every process in product manufacturing. With the strict entrance inspection, routined re-audit, as well as the implemented product quality standard, products from these sources comes to the same quality level of our own manufacturing.
    3.Quality Control

    QC Procedure: Pafic has an ISO9001:2008 certified strict and scientific QC procedure designed for flawless production. Every step, start from material purchase, all the way to final packaging, is under the control of QC team. Also there are ready solutions for every possible defects, so there is no chance our customer receive unqualified products.

    Testing Equipment: We have most common testing equipments for metal production in-house. Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength Testor, Hardness Testor, Salt Spray Testor, Xenon-Lamp Testor.
    Chemical Properties: Metal Element Analyzer
    Third-Party Lab Testing Service: For some projects/customers, there is a requirement to submit test reports issued by nominated third-party laboratories. Pafic is familiar with this requirement and have good connections with SGS, BV, Intertek, CQC, PUNY etc.
    4.Warehouse and Delivery
    There is a logistic center in Pafic factory, which could storage, consolidate and loading the customer’s orders as scheduled.
    Our customers have many selections to get products delivered to their warehouse. Pafic is proficient with air/ocean/land transportation, we will adapt quickest way with least cost and risk to deliver the goods to our customers.
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